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My friend Lauren is always asking people, “what are your goals?”  At first, I just pulled some answers out of my you-know-what and said what I thought I should say.  I’d say “have a family and own a home.”  Then I thought of “get out of debt.”  Then I thought of “volunteer more.”  As I started coming up with more goals, I started actually making moves towards accomplishing them – volunteering more, making an extra payment on my student loans, etc.  I started asking the people I care about what their goals are.  Sure I get some stock answers, but I can hear the gears turning.

It didn’t surprise me at all when Lauren got me a motivational book for Christmas.  It did surprise me, however, at how quickly I have gone through it.  The book is based on the website, and it’s a bunch of ideas, suggestions, tips, and success stories all geared towards accomplishing goals.  For example, under the chapter “Be a Better Person” (my favorite so far), are the ideas: don’t give up, recognize my faults and accept them, have better manners, always be prepared, keep my promises, be a better friend, etc.  The chapter also includes a section on being polite during business transactions (don’t take calls on the cell, be gracious to the customer service rep, make eye contact).  This is one of my pet peeves – these people didn’t choose to interact with you, so perhaps you could make their day a little more pleasant by just being friendly.

Anyway, you get the point.  I am inspired.  I have goals now – short and long-term, and I feel like I can achieve them.  I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me sooner – a list of goals is what got me to finish college later in life , something that was incredibly daunting.   It was unbelievably easy to come up with 43 goals – in fact I could probably set 100 goals for myself, but you have to be realistic.  The list is ever-changing – there’s no penalty for changing your mind, which if you know me, is a big deal.

Part of the deal is to share your list with others so that you have someone to be accountable to.  So here I am, airing my dirty laundry and somewhat personal dreams to my 400+ Facebook friends and whomever should choose to stumble upon the blog in its original glory.

Without further adieu, here is my list as of 12/23/09.   Check back at my 43things profile to see changes!

December 23, 2009
1. Get rid of all of my recycling “problem”
2. Write a “This I Believe” essay
3. Build up a personal savings.
4. learn more about wine
5. drink more water
6. Figure out why I’m so tired
7. learn yoga
8. learn how to fall asleep
9. learn to garden
10. identify 10 strengths I am proud of
11. Take a cooking class
12. visit the Taj Mahal
13. Train a guide dog.
14. Stick to a budget.
15. Learn conversational French and/or German
16. Learn to ride my mountain bike.
17. get buff
18. Visit the ancient ruins in Greece.
19. visit Petra
20. find true love
21. learn to invest
22. Purchase a home
23. Learn to be less reactive.
24. Stop interrupting people when they are speaking.
25. Volunteer for a local political campaign.
26. learn about local politics
27. Learn to enjoy being part of a “pair.”
28. improve my manners
29. keep a plant alive for one month
30. stretch every day
31. check my blood pressure once a week
32. rebuild my six-pack
33. live with integrity
34. decide what “honor” means to me, and be an example of honor for others
35. live passionately
36. Be a better friend
37. give more to charity
38. set career goals
39. Be completely ruthless about getting things done
40. resist the temptation to settle
41. get up when the alarm goes off
42. Live in the present
43. be more self-reliant

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