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Tuesday, June 2nd marks a new beginning and lots of endings.  It is the day I start a career.  It is the day I end being an “older graduate” with no job.  It is the day I have been dreaming of for three long years.

I talk about going back to school a lot;  brief snippets of what led me to the decision, tough choices and realizations that were made.  The occasional heart-to-heart with a friend who is entertained by my storytelling gets to hear the full story.  But, as I spend my final care-free Sunday night contemplating the impact it has all had on my life…I am truly proud of myself.

When I think back to the type of people in my life three to four years ago – high school dropouts mostly – no wonder I was so complacent.  Making $12 an hour and getting treated like crap and living paycheck to paycheck was the norm.  A shift in the company I kept opened my eyes.  Suddenly I found myself surrounded by young socialites with careers, business owners younger than I, and people barely older than me who owned homes and had happy marriages and were living quite comfortably within their means.  I wasn’t jealous; I was inspired.  During an impromptu trip to Denton (home of UNT), I said to my date, “I just wish I could quit my job and go back to school full time.”  He replied, “Why can’t you?”  and the seed was planted.

School was hard.  I felt so old.   I commuted for the first year, only making a few friends.  I would drive an hour to class, and an hour home, never having spoken to anyone.  Then I met Josh, who quickly became one of my closest friends. He knew the entire school (he was student body president when I met him) and I can thank him for introducing me to the best friends a girl could ever have.  Tons of them.  After that I moved to Denton, only two blocks from the school.  While there I dealt with interesting (but lovable) roommates, a life-threatening illness, two relationships, no income, and the death of my beloved cat, Winnie.  My life changed so much over those three years.  I changed.  For the better.

I promised myself that I would graduate before I turned thirty.  I beat it by six months; in 26 days I will be thirty and I am the first college graduate in my family.  I don’t know if that’s why it was harder for me, or if I just thought it wasn’t important, but all that doesn’t matter now.   What matters is that I turned my life around.  Me.  I did that.

So Tuesday marks the end of an era.  No more sleeping in, no more being broke, no more hangovers on a Wednesday, no more skipping doctor and dentist visits, no more sitting on Facebook all day (you guys are totally going to miss me) no more embarrassment when someone asks me what I do.  It’s not the first time I’ve been an adult, it’s a joyful return.