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Working with the general public is almost always a thankless job.  As a former waitress, bartender, and cashier, I can tell you firsthand how poorly the people who serve the public are treated.  Even when I was the friendliest I could possibly be, all smiles and “hello” and perkiness galore – but not the over-done annoying perkiness where you just want to get the hell out of there – I was ignored, argued with, and abused.  One guy would come into the bar and complain that the beer wasn’t cold enough and gave me HELL about it.  Do I look like a refrigeration specialist?  I can remember saying “hi! How are you doing?” and being flat out IGNORED!  How rude is that?  Once, a woman once threw a pen at me because I wouldn’t take her check without a drivers’ license.  I hope somebody steals that bitch’s checkbook…

Anyway, so when I receive good service, or when a cashier, clerk, phone operator, tech support rep, toll booth worker…or whomever…brightens my day, I don’t just leave it unnoticed.  Because you know what?  That poor clerk is going to HATE life.  Their boss doesn’t notice, only the customers notice.  So when you just use up their friendliness you are beating them down and eventually they’re rude like everybody else.  Have you ever been to the Northeast?  I don’t want it to be like that everywhere. *sad face*  I had a few customers write letters for me when I worked at Lowe’s, and I still have them.  They meant the world to me – they hung on the bulletin board in the manager’s office until the day I quit and I bring them to every interview.

So I do stuff like this as often as possible.  Do something nice for someone else for a change.

To the store manager of Service King Collision Repair in Carrollton, TX.

Dear Mr. Peel,

I just picked up my car today (Thursday, April 16th) from your shop in Carrollton.  I had paintless dent repair for some hail damage – I live in North Richland Hills but am lucky enough to work just down the street from you on Midway so I brought my car to your location.  I just wanted you to know that the experience was a pleasure.  From the very first phone call to the 1-800 #, to the key-handoff from Brian Martin…not one bit of it was unpleasant.  The woman who set up the appointment through the call center was extremely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.  The receptionist was very friendly and helpful.  The gentleman who helped me when I first dropped off my car (Brian was at lunch) was thorough and friendly.  Brian kept me well-informed and was always in touch.  I had to literally make Brian stop shining my car so that I could head home!  Everything was fantastic.  I know that your customers are very happy and I wish you much success!

Thank you,

Susan B