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I’m too tired for anything in-depth tonight but I always have opinions…

Buy Smaller Eggs, Ease Hens’ Pain: Farmer

Most people will say: What??  I like those bigass eggs!  I’m not paying an extra $1.50 to buy two dozen eggs to get the same amount I’d get in a dozen large!

I say: Now here’s someone I don’t mind helping out.  I will definitely take this into account when I am purchasing my free-range, cage free, organic eggs (seriously I do this…have you ever SEEN a chicken farm?  It’s awful.  Those little gals need all the help we can give them).

Texas unemployment fund running low

Most people will say: the government needs to give us more money!

I say: Uh oh…I better try extra hard to not spend too much money and look for a job.  I’m lucky to get anything they can give me and ever-so-grateful that ANY money is available.

Mass Earmarks Have Familiar Theme: Kennedys

Most people will say: Aw how nice, those Kennedys are such nice people.

I say: Ted Kennedy is a womanizing douche-bag, and if you do a little research you’ll learn that the other men in the family follow suit.  BTW, ask a teacher about the difficulty of teaching in a “No Child Left Behind” classroom.

Moderate Dems Balk Over Obama Deficit

(the story begins with how it’s not the president that passes the budget, it’s congress)

Most people will say: It’s not Obama’s fault!!

I say: That’s exactly right, one man cannot take full blame for an entire nation’s problems, nor can he take full credit for its successes.  I’m glad at least SOME people aren’t putting all of their faith in just one MAN.

‘Friendly’ Alabama Gunman Kept Hit List

Most people will say: OMG That guy was completely nuts!

I say: Yeah, that’s why you don’t act like a dick to people.  They might grow up to be crazy.